Call for papers – Special Issue (2020)


Call for papers – Special Issue (2020)



Title: Network and Education Policies: methodological and theoretical debates, problematizations


Editors in charge:

Marina Avelar - NORRAG - Graduate Institute of International and Development Studies (Switzerland)

César Tello - Universidad Nacional Tres de Febrero (UNTREF, Argentina)

Jorge Gorostiaga - CONICET - Universidad Nacional de San Martin (UNSAM, Argentina)

Miguel Ângelo Silva da Costa - Universidade Estadual de Ponta Grossa (UEPG, Brazil) Postdoctoral Scholarship.

Jefferson Mainardes - Universidade Estadual de Ponta Grossa (UEPG, Brazil)



Deadline for submissions: October 30th, 2019.

Prediction of publication: v. 5 (2020). The journal publishes papers continuously. Papers are published after the approval, revision and layout development.

Guidelines for Authors: they are available on the website of the journal



General guidelines:

            The Revista de Estudios Teóricos y Epistemológicos en Política Educativa aims to publish  papers related to theoretical and epistemological studies in Education Policy. The journal is published under the responsibility of the Red de Estudios Teóricos y Epistemológicos en Política Educativa (ReLePe) – Network of Theoretical and Epistemological Studies on Education Policy. Information about this network can be found on

            The concept of “network” is rooted in the field of contemporary academic knowledge production. Although there is a significant variety of theoretical perspectives, there is a common element in all the analyzes:  formal and informal interactions among  different social actors in a given field.

            The Special Issue has as objective to publish original papers dedicated to the focus of the Education Policies in prospects for theoretical or methodological approaches which integrate the concept of network, understood here as a group of actors (institutions and/ or individual agents) with objectives and forms of their own actions in the framework of the processes of formulation, implementation and development of education policies. 

The relevant subjects to the Special Issue are the following:

  • Discussions on the concept of network and their possible interfaces with the education policies;
  • Theoretical and methodological discussions about the analysis of network and education policies;
  • Theorizations and problematizations of  models of network analysis, and their contributions to the focus of the education policies;
  • Problematizations about mediations among state, society and education policies;
  • Empirical analysis about the content, transactions and meanings of relationships woven within the network of policies;
  • Situation of research on Social Network Analysis and Education Policies;
  • Studies on Lines of Research, Research Groups, Networks of Research on the subject of the issue.


For more information about the subjects mentioned above, we suggest to consult:

- the site of  ReLePe ( ), in particular the Thematic Library and the description of “Research Areas”.

- the papers already published in Revista de Estudios Teóricos y Epistemológicos en Política Educativa, available at:


Steps in the process of paper assessment:

1 - Preliminary assessment by the publishers invited and the editorial team of the journal regarding  the relevance of the paper to the proposed subject, adequacy of language, observing the norms of academic writing;

2 – Peer Review Process;

3 – Paper Proofreading;

4 - Publication and Dissemination of the Special Issue.